Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Watch those goal posts

Well, wrote my second volume contract for the month yesterday. And with Volume still equalling box it means that my part of the mission is done. With half a month left I feel gooooooood. Or at least I did. Now I just need to make sure I'm good for next month too. Ugh.

As it stands right this second I should be okay. I've got two GAs who are penciled in good. They're not guaranteed at this moment because they have open traffic that will, hopefully, be resolved in about 10 days. By some strange quirk of fate their traffic hearings are on back-to-back days. So as long as fines are paid, insurance information is provided, and nothing else goes wrong, I might be able to write at least one of them in week 1.

Until then though I get to "enjoy" that strange thing in recruiting where I must now prospect harder. Even though I'd accomplished my mission, and I have something vaguely resembling a funnel, I must have more. I have thick skin, having SFC SC2 give me a hard time about my motorcycle, my hair or lack thereof, or whatever other superficial thing isn't a problem. However, if I stop having people in the Army he'll start to get on my case about work, and that would be a problem. I like not being effed with too much to allow it to stop.

My nine-month evaluation is coming up soon, and supposedly the CSM will be dropping by the station some time this week. And by me typing that it pretty much means he'll come by unexpectedly and it will be painful.

To everyone in the office: I'm sorry for inviting the pain on us.

Friday, November 25, 2005


Thanksgiving has come and gone. It was a good time. A very good time. A tender and juicy turkey and a ham bathed in honey both gave their lives so the SSG B clan could feast in near Roman excess. There is no way a day that involves green bean casserole and touch football can be a bad day.

Monday should be a good day too. If the recruiting gods are feeling less spiteful, or if there attention is focused elsewhere, I should write my second contract this month. That will be good. It will still leave my station short for the quarter, but it will at least check one of the required boxes for monthly boxing. It beats not meeting that requirement.

Mrs. SSG B has a birthday coming up, so I'm going to commit ritual suicide rather than shop the day after Thanksgiving.

Oh, she told me I'm NOT going to commit suicide. Instead I'm going to go to the jewelry store and buy her something obscenely expensive and very shiny.


Hope everyone has had an excellent holiday season thus far. May it continue in all sorts of extravagant bliss!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

For a select few

This is just for a handful of people.

Can't wait until next Friday so I can make one of you two buy me a steak lunch from Applebees.


Yeah... the moment I wrote that Mike Anderson decided to make me pay. My hopes rely on Peyton Manning, Marvin Harrison, and Mike Vanderjagt being involved in some dibilating pre-game warm-up accident.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

One down

One week down. Dropped my guy last week so now I'm working on another. As it stands I think I'll be good. I've got an IRR-TPU who should sign the 4187 on Monday. That'll tick another block. Then I've got a couple of GAs waiting for court dates to pay tickets (don't ask why they insisted on going to court for a traffic ticket, it's painful enough as is). Between those three one should shake out and box the company's reserve mission. Yay.

There are some rumors about a new station being opened in the area. Kinda hoping I might be able to get shifted there. It wouldn't be a permenant one because it'd only be a satellite station. But it would be a chance to get out to a different area a couple times a week. Here's hopin'

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Better Days

I've had better days.

Early morning. Life sucked. Had some mandatory briefings today. An EO questionaire which asked me how I felt about things. Things like the Battalion, Company, Station, etc. Whether I'd been sexually harassed recently. Those sorts of things.

I gave the battalion a pretty middle of the road rating. For the most part I don't interact with them very often. Thankfully. Dear God thankfully I don't interact with the battalion very often. However if I'd been allowed to add ratings to the question about the S1 I would have went into negative numbers on the 1-5 scale. I wish to set fire the to one of the S1 people.

The company came in much stronger. I'd heard a lot of horror stories about recruiting company commanders and first sergeants. Yet to see any of the rumors in the CO and 1SG I've been under. They're sane. They treat us like adults and NCOs. Can't ask for much more.

Despite my occasional rantings to the contrary I do like my station. The mission sucks (who in recruiting doesn't think their mission is too high?). The population is a source of never ending pain and suffering. But the people I work with, and the SC I work for make it tolerable.

Went and saw Goblet of Fire last night with Mrs. SSG B. In the books GoF was a turning point. It was nearly twice the size of the previous installations and covered so much more. A movie made from a book usually has to give up a lot fo the depth present in the novel. GoF was no different. It was an awesome movie, and we were both very entertained (and that is what matters), but I can't help but feel like there is a let down coming when Order of the Phoenix comes around to movie time. Although they nailed how I thought Lord Voldemort would look fully grown. Nailed it. Noseless Ralph Finnes is creepy looking.

I need the Bengals to end the Colt's perfect season to have a good fantasy football weekend. Hope everyone has a great Sunday.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Drug Deal Goes Well

Got my first guy for the month in today. Yay! 12 years in the Guard as an MP and he got tired of being a grunt with a badge. He came to me, asked me if I could get him into the CID unit in my area. Told him I'd see what I could do.

While he was busy protecting innocents from harm, harming those who weren't innocent, and providing comfort where needed in New Orleans as part of Katrina relief I was busy making phone calls to the unit setting up an interview. Interview went well and they wanted him. Getting him out of the Guard was the next challenge. I don't know how it is in the rest of the US, but in my state getting people out of the Guard to join the Reserve is difficult at best, painfully fruitless at worst. However, Mr. Jr's was due to ETS a couple weeks after returning from LA so, although it wasn't a perfect, or even a good solution, we agreed to just wait it out, get his NGB 22, and put him into the Reserve.

Today it happened. The Army has a new 31D, and I have another contract in the first week. Gotta love it. Christmas hasn't been cancelled yet.


I had wrote a new post this morning, but it seems to have disappeared into the ether. When I get a moment or two this evening I'll write again. Sorry for the lack of posting, but my muse has been distracted lately, and when I was inspired the computer ate my homework.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Back to suck

Well... first day of the RCM and I'm back to sucking. The first day of the month is such a bittersweet moment. It's bitter if you had a good month because, well, today you suck. But if you had a poor month the Recruiting calendar rolling over is a wonderful occasion because all your sins are washed away. A new month is like... a... new... something... my poetic mind is gone now.

Hopefully it won't be a painful month for me. I've got some people lined up who are pretty solid. Even if I only get two of the three I'll make my monthly mission. With a little bit of luck I might be able to make up a shortfall from last month to make it overall for the quarter. That would be nice. Unlikely but nice.

I plan to spend a little bit of time preying on the young, so to say. It's School ASVAB time so lots of juniors are going to be finding out if they're qualified or not. As the Reserve guy I'm actually able to write HS juniors, so I'm hoping of the several hundred ASVAB scores I'll be tracking one or two will shake out into a contract this year (Volume is box!) or next year when they're seniors. I'm not too keen on having a DEP who is 10 years younger than me, but such is life.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Curtain starts to fall

I'm essentially done for the month. The month actually ends on Monday, but my chances of getting the Reserve to 50% gross died when I failed to make contact with a PS who's NGB 22 was received yesterday. Unless a miracle occurs over the weekend he won't be joining on Monday.

Oh well.

He will be joining though, so as it stands I should be able to recove from this shortfall next month. Quarter boxing is unlikely unless a lot of things go well, but it's at least possible and provides me something to shoot for.

Mrs. SSG B made some Mexican Lagasna last night (Yes SSG George, it had to be mexican). It was delicious and I'll be feasting on the leftovers tonight. I don't know what everyone has planned for this weekend, but I shall be spending some time watching "Firefly" on DVD. And on that subject let me make a poor appeal to anyone who reads this. If you get the chance go see "Serenity" or try and catch an episode of "Firefly". Fox and Universal should be taken out back and shot for the hack job they did in promoting what really is one of the most awesome things I've ever seen on TV or the big screen.

Anyway, don't know if I'll post again this weekend. Recruiting-related activites are going to be on a mini-down turn with the holidays approaching. I've got leave, a wedding, and some other things coming up over the last month of the year. I hope everyone enjoys their weekend, and I hope that people take some time over the holiday to remember those who have come before us to make our country what it is today.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

I had a serious E2 moment yesterday. At 730 I had this feeling that I'd forgotten something. Usually the only thing that prompts that fear in me is when I have an applicant on the floor and fear I've forgotten about them. I didn't have any shippers so I chaulked the feeling up to just being stupid.

I get to the office the same as SSG George, 810. We stand there and bull for a minute or two about the weekend, etc. As we walk to the door SFC SC2 asks us "What was supposed to happen at 800?"

George and I each remember at the exact same moment. Production meeting.

Totally forgot. Had it in my planner. Didn't remember it.

George, myself, and SGT G-U (the new jack), had to report in to the office at 600 for a production meeting. Oh well. Had it coming. It was a stupid mistake on our part, one that we shouldn't have made. C'est la vie. La Vee.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Too bad

One of the least pleasing moments of recruiter (for me at least), is when someone has the desire to become a Soldier, but not the ability. Today I had an applicant who wants to get into the Army. His uncle is encouraging him to do so, his GF thinks it would be awesome, and he realized that his life is not where he wants it to be.

15 AFQT.

Of course.

To compound my frustration his had gotten a 40 on the CAST so I was kinda figuring he'd be a Bravo, but have an outside shot at an Alpha. Nope. Not even eligible to enlist.

I returned his SS card and HS Diploma, and sent him on his way with a flyer to March 2 Success.

Friday, November 04, 2005

It's the little things

I wasn't able to take my usual route to work this morning because of construction, so I took a detour through the local community college (aka 13th grade). As I was waiting to make the left into the parking lot I saw that the license plate on the car in front of me read "ANTIWAR". Well, I hadn't been on the CC set-up group lately, so I was jonesin' for a chance to be friendly. I figured this driver was as good as any.

As luck would have it the driver, a young lady, stayed in front of me for a minute or two before pulling in to park. I rode up next to her (I'm a motorcycle rider) and said, in my friendliest voice.
"Hey, are you from Antiw, AR too?!". I pronounced it An-tee-wah.
She looks at me kinda confused and says "no, I'm from here."
"Oh, I'm sorry, it's just your license plate says Antiw, AR so I kinda figured."
"No, it says Antiwar. I'm against the war."
"I see now. You know, I never noticed that about Antiw. I guess it kinda makes sense though," she looks at me quizzically. "Our high school's mascot was the Running Chicken."

It takes her a second to get on track with what I said, and when she does she didn't take it well. I got to spend a couple minutes having it explained to me how horrible Bush was, how it's just a war for oil, and that the rest of the world hates America. I responded with my usual response to such a tirade. I thanked her for her time, said she was entitled to her opinion, and I offered her an Army of One pencil.

It wasn't my shiningest moment, and I wasn't terribly proud to have done it. For whatever reason seeing the license plate, at a moment I was frustrated by my delay due to the construction, made me go out of my way. It wasn't all in vain though. As the woman was walking off to class a guy walked up to me. We have a semi-large population of Sudanese refugees in our area. This gentleman was one of them. He'd heard me talking with the lady, and heard her comment about the world hating America. He had to tell me he didn't agree. He and his friends and family who made it to the US loved it here. They'd been welcomed with open arms. He also wanted my card and gave me his info. He's applied for his 551 and once he gets it he plans to enlist so he can give back.

It made me smile behind my helmet.

FSR2S training to done for me, and the rest of the office will finish it up tomorrow. I've got a couple applicants in mind who I'll be using it with to secure their commitment. Oh, and I a guy on the floor yesterday. DQ for hearing. He's dead in the water. 42 years old (17 years PS) and works with road-paving equipment. Oh well. He's wicked pro-Army and a community leader in his small town. I think they call that a COI.

Thursday, November 03, 2005


I'm curious if McDonald's offers McNuggets with the Chicken Little Happy Meals.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


I spent yesterday out of the present of recruiting and, instead, learning about the near future of recruiting.

Currently the role of the recruiter has been to make sure an applicant is qualified and then get the applicant downtown to see the guidance counselor. It's the job of the counselor to actually get the Soldier an MOS, incentives, etc. As of Wednesday that will no longer, exclusivly, be the case. On Wednesday I'll be allowed to use the FSR2S (don't ask me for what the acronym means, I didn't take good notes).

FSR2S allows the recruiter to access the REQUEST system. REQUEST is the application the GC uses to view all jobs for which an applicant is qualified, as well as authorized incentives like College Fund, Bonuses, Loan repayment, and GI Bill Kickers. With this I, as the lil ol recruiter, will be able to sit down with Skippy or Skippette, their parents or any other influencers, and be able to say "Skippy, if you go to MEPS in the next three days (they're actually allowed seven, but I usually want this stuff done faster) you will receive this MOS, a 7k cash bonus, 10k in student loan repayment, and a $200 GI Bill kicker. The Army Reserve will guarantee this job and those incentives to you, right now, if you agree to go downtown and enlist sometime in the next few days. Are you ready to join?" If they say "yes" I'm able to print out a temporary reservation, hand it to them, and they're locked in to that plan. It's their's.

I haven't actually worked on what my closing statement will be, but it will probably be something similar to that.

For those not in recruiting you can't grasp just how awesome the ability for an Army Recruiter to guarantee training, training dates, and incentives is. I can't speak for everyone, but I've lost potential enlistees because I'm just not able to guarantee things when I'm sitting there. Usually it's not the prospect themself that is lost, but the influencer, parents, spouse, etc. Properly used this will be a serious advantage for a recruiter going in to an interview.

I've got another day nd a half of training; we're doing a lot of hands on today. According to the schedule it's going to be a long day so I don't know if I'll have more innane commentary tonight or tomorrow.