Thursday, December 08, 2005


I hurt in so many places right now. When I was in college I played rugby and I loved it. Great fun and I even didn't totally suck at it. After college I always wanted to continue playing, but I wasn't able to combine the motivation with the availability. Well... tonight I went out and practiced with the local club. Oh my GOD I missed that. It took me a couple of reps to get back into the swing of things, and there is no way I'm in good enough shape right now to play 160 minutes (80 minute A&B side games), but I'll get there.

I didn't actually do to bad. I've always had decent hands, and rarely made a bad pass. I still have the hands, and the knowledge when to not toss will come with repetition. Although there was a new development from when I played in college. In college I was an inch or two shorter than I am now (I now weigh-in around 76 inches) and I tip the scales around 250 now. I was 190 in college. What that means, aside from the fact I'm fatter, is I'm able to put a lot more drive into the scrum. When the coach put me in at lock I drove the hell out of the sled. I have no illusions of starting any time soon, but I can see if happening one day.

Anyway, had a great time, but man, I got tore up. Knees are shredded, back is sore, shoulder is... hurting, soul is soaring. Gotta love it.


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