Friday, January 06, 2006

And the pain keeps coming

Hope dims.

People who I'd be counting on for this month are dropping. Dropping like flies. Some are going down like flies in a zapper; cooked to a crisp, others are just missing my proverbial enlistment fly swatter. The panic sets in and I go over my prior prospects list. Some of the going over is self directed. People who I've talked with, kept in contact with, and haven't alienated yet. Check and see if any of them are ready to commit. Nothing. Although I did get a positive contact with one, but not positive enough. Some of it is directed. Follow-up with everyone. That also doesn't pan out. Yet.

I'm still at the office and I'm still plugging away. Making calls, trying, trying, trying to contact someone and see if I can get some positive momentum.

I'm not hopeless though. Thanks to some creative prospecting I've managed to tap a vein of Arab language speakers. So far they've all been pretty committed and next week will tell the tale. If they take the ASVAB and ECLT and do well enough they'll join. But they're not flawless. One is an Iraqi, one is from Afghanistan. English is not their first language. Reading English is even less a strength. Oh well. As long as they can speak and understand English and their target language it can be dealt with.

The Translator Aide program may be my salvation. Each one of these guys could be worth 2 GAs. I'm counting my chickens too soon so I need to shut-up about it. No Recruiting Gods. I don't have any prospects. Nope. Not me. Go screw with SSG George. He still has a projection. Make her snort coke. This I pray of you of mighty Recruiting Gods.

Back to the grindstone.


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