Friday, January 27, 2006

It's almost worth not doing it

Third time this week for the 4am thing. As I scurried out of the bedroom trying to get out before my alarm woke up Queen Mrs. SFC B I thought "Jeez, why aren't I having one of my evil minions, lackeys, or hired goons doing this?" Then I remembered that the whole "evil tyrant thing" is just a bit of insanity I've been having lately. Really, it's a cry for help people, why doesn't anyone ever see them?

Seriously though, mornings like this make me remember the bad ol' days when I was putting no one in the Army. Sure, I was the world's worst recruiter, but I was a well-rested world's worst recruiter. There is value in that.

There are only 20 days until pitchers and catchers report, and 66 days until Opening Day for the Astros. In the previous sentence which was the right way to say it "There is only 20 days" or "There are only 20 days"? I know it's a weird thing for a guy who always misspells January to worry about, but I worry about it.


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