Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Of course

Day one and I'm already going to be ruining my month by counting chickens and unhatched eggs. My 09L looks solid still. Plenty can go wrong, but it might not. I have a HS Junior who should do something, but I'm actually hoping it takes some time so that he can drop next month when I'm missioned for a CHIS (currently in HS). However if he's ready to go I'm not going to even think the phrase "sandbag". And then I've got two PS with varying degrees of medical issues. One is a PS Marine who broke his leg something fierce and will require an ortho eval. The other is an older woman, and, well, older applicants just have too many things that can go wrong, between blood pressure, eyesight, hearing, etc to be confident that they'll pass.

So... who knows... it won't be 800 but another 2 or 3 is possible. However until they walk in with a backpack on their shoulder I've got NOTHING!


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