Monday, January 02, 2006

Rezolooshun and Farewell

Mrs. SFC B asked me what my resolutions for the new year were. Told her I didn't have any and she scoffed. Yup, actually made a scoffing noise. So I spent a couple minutes and thought I'd share.

I resolve that next year I'll have my resolutions done before the end of New Year's Day.

I resolve to try and be a better husband by not being as painfully oblivious as I can be. And I'll stop putting so much trash on top of the trash can instead of pressing the pedal and lifting the lid.

I resolve to never, ever let anyone touch my motorcycle.

I resolve to let Oreos live through the week.

I resolve that I'm going to get a handle on the high schools in the company.

I resolve that I'll get ANCOC out of the way this year so maybe, MAYBE I can get selected for E8 and get out of recruiting early.

Today a fixture in the recruiting station left for snowier pastures. SSG Rage served his four years and has been set free. Although we didn't always agree on everything I learned a great deal from him. Some of it is even related to recruiting. He's off to Kansas to enjoy the snow until they ship him off for Iraq. Mrs. SFC B and I want to wish Rage has his family the best of luck. I'm sure the senior class from his high school will miss the weekly phone calls from Rage telling them that they're stupid and gay.


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