Wednesday, January 18, 2006

That's new

$1,000 for someone to join the Army. That is what current Soldiers can receive if they refer someone who joins and they graduate AIT.

I spent the morning visiting the local reserve center and putting this information out to the FTUS and getting on training schedules to put it out to the Soldier on their weekend. It's a great way for someone to triple their monthly reserve pay AND help out the Army.

I'm slightly torn though. I dislike the thought of people being paid for getting people into the Army. But civilian recruiters are paid by each contract anyway, so why not allow Soldiers to receive the same benefit. It DOES NOT apply to recruiters or retention NCOs, or anyone who receives SDAP for recruiting or retention activities.

Let me repeat clearly: This does not constitute a bounty for recruiters. We get nothing out of it but an interested lead.

I hope this will work out well, and that this next year results in lots of young Soldiers supplementing their income by putting excited men and women into boots. For you folks reading this who are currently in the Army, Reserves, or Guard, go to the link above and register. Make your local recruiter's day by referring someone to him or her. Even after 24% is taken out in taxes that $1,000 is a nice bonus.


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