Thursday, January 26, 2006

Tyranny Day 2

The purge of the nobles has been complete. All those who were not fully, completly, and totally loyal to my rule have been... removed. Queen Mrs. SFC B enjoys her new status, and the throng on maidens who wait on her hand and foot. Fear of my wrath has quieted all signs of rebellion. I've also been careful to avoid allowing a plucky child, orphaned by my violence, who's hatred of me would lead to him leading a rebellion, to survive. I've seen Conan the Barbarian. I know better than to allow that to happen.

On a not-insane-reality note though it looks like we're going to be finishing the week in good fashion. A paper contract will be completed today (or I shall send my knights to downtown to burn the MEPS to the ground as a warning to others who would taunt my rule), and the RA dropped a contract yesterday. Saturday a CHIS will be downtown for the AR, and a senior and grad will be there for the RA.


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