Monday, January 23, 2006



Future information for fellow recruiters.

If you ever put in a 09L, don't let them do any processing on a Friday. When they process on Friday they can't get everything done in time for them to join that day. So you're required to get up at 4am so you can pick them up and drive them downtown.

Oh well. I'll take some early mornings for a contract.


Still no news. Kid's been downtown since 6am and nothing is showing on TOS except he's arrived. The packet has been there for the past week. The ARISS errors were corrected on Friday. And it's not like he's got a whole list of jobs he's eligible for and he's doing some "shopping". He's got an 8QT and is enlisting only for his verbal skills in Dari. This shouldn't be so painful. If anyone who works MEPS reads this, can I please get an explaination?


I'm no longer the World's Worst Recruiter. I just ended a drought and placed my first special mission enlistee into the Army. In about a year a unit preparing to head to Afghanistan will have a very excited and motivated Dari speaker added to its ranks. I hope they appreciate the work that went into adding him. He's a good troop and I'm happy to have put him in. Not just because I needed the contract, but because he's a good man.


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