Tuesday, January 17, 2006

You hate me! You really hate me!

My apologies to Sally Field.

In my blogging time I've gotten been lucky. I've only had one person come along and be vicious in my comments and I'd never gotten any email. Well, I hadn't gotten any email because I hadn't made my address public. I did, and I've gotten a lot of great messages an they've made me very happy to have started this blog. Today though I got my very first hateful message. I've edited it a bit to keep anyone but me from swearing on my blog.

" *SCREW* you *screw* you *screw* you! I *freaking* hate you and everything you do! I hope you *freaking* die! You're scum trying to *screw* everybody! Stop lying about the *freaking* army and what it will *freaking* do to people! You *freaking* suck! DIE! DIE! DIE! DIE!"

I felt so special reading that. I'd never managed to hit someone so personally that they decided to vent their spleen in my direction. I wrote back asking what post of mine had set them off so. I'd like to know so I can refine it a bit. I'm used to seeing such vitriol on political websites. Seeing it on my little space of the world is really kinda weird. I'm by no stretch of the imagination a figure of anything in the internet world. How the heck did I manage to have someone stumble across my page, and be so offended by something I wrote, to reply in such a manner? I've had like, 8,000 visitors according to my meter. I think 1,500 of them have been me checking my own page. So, maybe 6,500 not-me people have viewed my page. Discounting repeat readers (thanks mom!) maybe 500 people have actually read my page. 1 of them was so pissed of as to wish me to die. I don't know whether to be proud, offended, hurt, or indifferent. I'm going for a combination of the proud and indifferent.

To whoever you may have been who sent me that email. Thanks. You gave me something to ponder as I drank 7-Up.

*UPDATE* When I originally posted it I had the edits in the email in greater/less than signs... and forgot those are HTML thingys so they didn't show. Made the correction so the letter reads as it was originally intended... minus profanity.


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