Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Sometimes I'm a painfully open-minded guy. I like it when people who have differing opinions take the time to try and sort out issues, and maybe make each other smarter on the way. An echo chamber isn't a lot of fun.

My post from yesterday generated some comments, and I like it when that happens. It makes it seem like there is someone who reads what I write (Hi mom!). I'm not going to moderate my comments, except for the occasional purges of comment spam or anything that is just patently offensive (I'll be taking the Supreme Court definition of obscene here: I know it when I see it). All I ask though is don't insult the commenter. Insult the ideas, poke holes in the logic, whatever. Just don't go after the person themself. For example: "I think your idea is idiotic" is okay for me. "I think you are an idiot," is not. Some people might disagree with my feeling, or might not see a difference, but I do.

I firmly believe that a person can be a complete and total moron. However I don't think a judgement like that can be made based on a comment on a blog. At least not someone's first comment. I guess what I'm saying is give Salimino time to show he's really an idiot before castrating him for being so. Golden Rule and all that.

I promise in the future to keep stupid, moralizing posts to a minimum.


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