Friday, February 03, 2006

Holy Bravo Batman!

Yesterday one of the strangest things to ever happen to humanity happened to two recruiters in my station.

Someone with a failing EST score passed the ASVAB! Two of them!

It was amazing. These two applicants had never cracked 27 on the EST. One of them even got worse when he retook the EST. It's the exact same test he had taken before, yet he scored lower. Well, they were both willing to enlist if they could pass, so the recruiters kinda figured that they'd send them downtown and see what happens. Maybe one would get lucky. They were nearly Alphas. A 45 and a 43.

It was just amazing. I'm used to seeing someone scored 20 points lower. Not 20 points higher. No one believed it until a recruiter verified the scoresheet. Afraid they had read their GT score or something. But nope, they passed. Heck, a couple of better guesses and they were going to be Alphas. That would have ignaled the end of the world though.

Anyways, my RA compatriots have not had a good month so far. For every step forward one step back is taken. Those testers were a good thing though, should result in a couple of good numbers on the board. With a bit of luck SGT W^3 should close out the AR mission for the station today. Between the two of us we still have some enlistments left to try and cover the shortfall from last month. I know I hate counting anything before it hatches, or walks through the door with a bag over the shoulder, but it's fun.


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