Thursday, February 09, 2006


NBC has come under fire for a planned scene on Will & Grace where Britney Spears would host have a cooking show titled "Cruici-fixins". The scene has either been cancelled, or never was actually planned depending on who your listen to.

Mrs. SFC B used to watch W&G occasionally. I always thought a really funny episode of Will and Grace would feature Will and his flamboyantly gay friend Jack going to someplace like, Indiana or another "right wing" state. They go there with the expectation that their outlandish gayness will offend the small-minded religious nutjobs they figure to be rampant in a mid-western, Bible Belt state. They're horrified to discover that, quite honestly, the people there just don't care. That they have bigger, and better things to do than be offended by a couple of guys holding hands, or even kissing in public. Aside from a couple of queer looks from passers-by, then whole adventure is a total bust because it's just not as big of a deal as they thought it would be.

I'm a pretty conservative guy. I want the government out of my business and to pay low taxes for only essential services that are best delivered by a small government. Government out of my business includes things like gayness. Two guys want to go at it, fine by me. Don't do it in front of me, and don't involve any kids. Two ladies want to go at it, fine by me. Don't involve any kids. Gay people want to be married? Fine. Have at it. If gay people are allowed to marry I think the worst effect for society will be removing the "cheerful and light-hearted excitement" part of the word "gay"'s definition. I'm kidding Mrs. SFC B. Being married is the best thing on Earth. Yay married life!

I think gay culture and gay chic are fine. If it wasn't for it Bravo would be forced to air 12 hours of Law and Order Criminal Intent and 12 hours of infomercials. I can't take that much of Vincent D'Onofrio emoting. Okay, well, maybe 12 of Law and Order and 10 of Infomercials. The other two hours would have James Lipton. I'd only willingly watch Lipton if it was the episode where his skull finally pops out of his skin.

No one I know is a raging homophobic. I'm in the Army so I know my fair share of people who are creeped out by gay people, but the image that the Army is filled with people who will take a baseball bat to a guy for believing that not all Striesand movies are trash isn't true. I think that the belief the more... "enlightened"... people have that most of America is scared/ not ready for/ want to stone gay people is sadly mistaken. I also think that the vast, vast, vast majority of America simply doesn't care. In the grand scale of things to worry us the fact that people are burning embassies because of cartoons (and sadly, it wasn't something like this cartoon) rates slightly higher to me than the fact that both partners in a lesbian couple need work that provides healthcare since one can't add the other to her health plan. Jerry Falwell might disagree with me that gay sex isn't the worst thing happening in the world, but I think he's a douche so I honestly don't care.

Off to work.


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