Friday, February 17, 2006

Worst Assistant Station Commander EVER

Next time SFC SC2 takes leave, I'll be taking leave as well. Or not.

Spent this whole week being tormented by the Production Monster. What does everyone have? Who are they testing? What is joining? I suppose if the answers I gave were something other than "Nothing", "Idiots", and "No one" things would have been better, but those were the honest answers so I gave them. Fighting a cold this week has done nothing to enhance my mood.

One of the recruiters in the station, SGT Tree (Note to self, figure out the pseudonyms for everyone and write them down, losing track) hasn't written someone in two months. The number one priority for the station has been putting people into the Army. Number two has been to find someone ready to join to for SGT Tree. SGT W^3 found someone who wanted to RA and was ready to go. Yay! SGT Tree goes to him, gets his info, builds him, and gets him ready to join on Tuesday.

Today comes, and the kid comes in to hot seat.

Reckless driving as a juvenile.

People outside of recruiting might not get what a big deal Reckless Driving is. By itself it isn't, however courts often plead DUI cases down to reckless driving. Because of this I treat Reckless Driving as a DUI until I see the report saying otherwise. Now, prior to this kid all the reckless driving cases I'd seen were just that, nothing else. This kid changed it.

Driving under the influence of marijuana as a minor. D'oh. Pull the emergency break. Stop right there.

He's not joining Tuesday. Nope. Might not join next week. He's ready to join though so we'll get the waiver done, and get him in boots. Unfortunatly in the span of about 30 minutes I went from telling Top that the station was putting someone in the Army to telling Top that I'd failed to properly ensure the recruiter had gotten everything possible from the kid. I hate having to do that.

Oh well. It's far better that this sort of thing gets discovered now then on Thursday when the kid is a positive match for a DUI, and SGT Tree is under investigation. It's still an enlistment and it means that SGT Tree will be off his nut. Just means it takes an extra week.


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