Thursday, February 16, 2006


Pitchers and catchers reported today! Baseball is just around the corner. The dark times are over. It is a period of happiness. Phoenix is now 120 days without rain. It was actually a bit of news when the weather dude reported a 30% chance of rain over the weekend. First time the weather guy from the Most Unprofessional Morning News Team Ever has had to say more than "It's sunny," in ages.

When I call them the Most Unprofessional Morning News Team Ever I don't mean to be insulting. They're the news program I watch in the morning because although they're unprofessional they're funny about it. And I'd rather be entertained. That and I think Jen Burgess is a total hottie and I'd be all about watching her and Mrs. SFC B have a lingerie tickle-fight for my affections.

I'm going to get hit hard for putting that out in public. I realize that, and I accept the consquences of my actions.

Day 3 of my second stint as the Station Commander progresses with little progress. The makes and conducts are there, and even some testers are happening, but little is actually passing the test. It's frustrating to have you hopes repeatedly dashed on the rocky shores of Cape Twenty Nine Que Tee. Only thing worse is when an applicant washes up on the Horn of Dee Uwe Eye the day before they hit the floor.

The adventures with MEPS continue. Does anyone know of a blog done by someone who works at a MEPS? Cause the heavens know I'd love to read about what they think of the recruiters.


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