Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Some time ago I'd lamented the need to get some sanity to the people I work with and refer to. So I figured I'd post a cast of characters so I can get my name's straight for myself, and the six people who read me. All the name's but mine are pseudonyms.

SFC B: That's me Sergeant First Class John Bradshaw. I'm a member of the Army Reserve on active duty for recruiting. I'm here on a "detail" which means that the Army tapped me on the shoulder and said "your role in the War on Terror will be to provide the strength, and no matter how much you whine we'll own you for the next three years."

SSG George: One of the regular Army recruiters I work with. Nice enough guy when he isn't stepping on small dogs, dodging irons, and using high school LRLs as Little Black Books.

SGT W^3: The other Reserve recruiter.

SGT Curtain: Only female in the station. Nice woman, and I'm sure she's a good NCO to work with outside of USAREC. Her existance in anethma to the Recruiting Gods. They cannot punish her enough to care. You could make her work 20 hours a day and she'll still make no appointments. Love her to death for it. She's my hero.

SGT Tree: Another of the RA recruiters. Painfully outgoing personality, and eternally optimistic. Everyone he meets is going to be his next contract, if they could only pass the test or refrain from beating people with baseball bats.

SGT Patient: New guy. Still has the impossible to open CD sticker on him he's that new.

SSG Rage: Angriest Person Ever. He attacked a kid for complimenting his hair. My desk is as dimpled as a golf ball because he used to sit here and punch the doors when he got mad. But he was almost always right about how things would actually happen. Damn him for that. He's going to owe me $100 bucks at the end of the baseball season. I will accept it in the form of a Western Union money order because he'll be in Iraq. He served four years as a detailed recruiter and was returned to the Army earlier this year. Everyone in the station activly prospects for the stupidest, least qualified person ever to send to him. We'll let him know about it too.

SSG Peter: He's outprocessing as I write this. I'm convinced he joined on the very last day of the recruiting year. The guy used a SERIOUS CAT4 slot to join. Nice enough person, but just not that bright.

SFC SC2: Last, but certainly not least. He's the station commander and the big man in charge. He rides a Harley, but I don't hold that against him. I could probably remain in USAREC for 20 years (AUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!) and never work for a station commander I wanted to succeed for more. Too bad we all let him down month after month. I'm sure that before he drops is retirement paperwork he will hit me. I'm also sure I'll do something to deserve it.

That's pretty much it. Now I have something to go by so hopefully I'll be able to keep this straight in my mind.


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