Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Pathetic attempt at live-blogging

Figured I'd live blog my fantasy baseball draft.

9:30pm: Draft starts, I'm first. A-Rod. I now have 10 minutes until I pick again.

9:32: Start looking at my second and third pick. Figure I'll go for some positions likely to be tough to find offense.

9:33: Have my eye on Chone Figgins from the LA Angels. He's a pretty good player, and plays all the infield well. Hope he'll slide under some radars. I'm up in two.

9:34: Figgins taken by the guy in front of me. I go with Victor Martinez and follow it up with Chris Carpenter. BP figures Martinez to be the top offensive catcher in baseball. I can go with some poorer players if I'm producing from the catcher. So I figure.

9:40: Lance Berkman goes to start the 4th round. I didn't think he'd make it to me, but I was hoping.

9:46: My infield is almost finished as I pick up Adam Dunn and Marcus Giles. Shortstop is my only remaining infield position. Not much good left at the 6 spot so going to look to the outfield or a closer next.

9:47: Just realized I'm almost totally punting steals in my drafting. That might come back to bite me.

9:52: Jhonny Peralta is still available. If he's around in four picks I'll go with him and either Chad Cordero or Huston STreet. If no, Cordero/Street and then a SP, maybe John Patterson.

9:52: Moment I hit "publish" Peralta went to another team.

9:54: Street and Brandon Webb from the Dbacks. I figure with Orlando Hudson now at second the groundball-happy Webb should have a pretty decent year. I'll be wrong.

9:56: Barry Zito gets picked and three people bemoan losing their "sleep pick". WTF. Clemens is drafted next. Clemens is either going to be a total steal in the 7th round, or the guy is going to regret giving up a pick to someone who chooses to call it quits.

9:59: My turn. Jim Edmonds and Coco Crisp. Myself and two others immediatly make a comment about breakfast cereals. I still don't have a shot-stop but I'm hoping Crisp helps in my lack of steals. Of course he plays for the BoSox who shouldn't be running much.

10:05: Dan Haren and Julio Lugo are added to the Paper Contracts. A discussion breaks out about Alfonso Soriano and his value. The person who picked Soriano is trying to get Paul Konerko and Adrian Beltre for him. Needless to say he lives in a biazrro world.

10:18: I hadn't realized someone picked Jeff Francouer. Damnit. Was hoping to pick him up as a UT.

10:19: I'm coming up soon. Willy Taveras and Torii Hunter are still available. I'll get one or both and hopefully solve my steals issue.

10:21: My selection of Taveras and Hunter causes the first reaction to one of my picks. Apparently I ruined the draft que for the next five people who'd hoped to have one or the other of those two.

10:26: My relief pitching should be plenty ugly. Huston Street will be fine, but it's looking like Joe Borowski will be my other reliever. Ugh.

10:29: Looks like I'll be using the waiver wire to find a RP. I went with Scott Kazmir and Prince Fielder. I couldn't believe that someone, other than me, volunteered to draft Joe Borowski.

10:32: It's getting late. Some of the folks in the league start a screaming match, calling each other the usual assortment of genital-slang. As they bicker I consider where else to try and help myself.

10:45: Not much going on. Hard to get excited about the 17th and 18th rounds in a fantasy draft. Anything I'm missing I'll fill in on the waiver wire.

10:47: I go with Luis Castillo as a back-up and Francisco Liriano as a 4th pitcher and possible trade bait. He's got the potential to be a wicked good pitcher playing in the Metrodome, so hopefully I'll be able to flip him later in the year.

10:54: I make my final picks. David Eckstein and Dan Wheeler. Let the games begin.


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