Saturday, March 11, 2006

The Process

Joining the Army is, at least on paper, a simple process. Commit, test, physical, counselor, swear-in. Sometimes it is as easy as it seems. Others, it is not. Today the woman who had caused me no end of issues joined. Of course it didn't go easy, computer systems errors delayed what should have been a 10am thing to become an 11am thing, but after the trouble I've had before, I'll take it.

She's happy. She got the job she wanted. She'll get trained quickly. And she can move on with her military career. It allowed me to relax.

This has been an interesting couple of days. I've been writing this blog for closing in on a year, and I've started and stopped a couple others prior to this. I've said a lot things over this time. Some of it not stupid, most of it stupid. However there have been a couple things I've said that I would take back, or have said differently if I'd given it some more thought. This issues BWC had mentioned dealt with that (thanks for covering down man). He's a good buddy of mine, and I'm keeping the invitation open for him to remain around. His choice.

Anyways, messages have been received and I'd like to thank those who have been supportive and encouraging. SSG Rage, don't you have some 1059's to complete or something?

Phoenix's 140+ days without rain came to a drenching end today. Which was able to ruin a softball game we'd had planned. Oh well. There will be other days.


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