Saturday, March 25, 2006

Surf and Turf

Last night I did something very out of character. I cooked.

Mrs. SFC B was her usual skeptical self when it comes to me and open fire. She was hushed as she chowed down on some wicked good shrimp. Alton Brown is a genius.

Momma SFC B and Mrs. SFC B both said it was some good stuff. I disagreed a bit in that I undercooked some of the steak. I also learned an important lesson: olive oil has a very low smoke point. If I oculd have done it over I would not have marinated the steaks in olive oil for an hour before cooking them on a grill. Yeah, lots of smoke and fire kinda worried me.

Anyway, the shrimp were delicious. After tasting what broiling does to a shrimp I won't be boiling them any more.


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