Sunday, May 14, 2006

At the top

The new month begins on Tuesday. In keeping with my thought to have my production put out for peer review, I figured I'd go over what I'm currently working.

My senior from last week is still a possible. His mother has become a pretty serious obstacle. I jacked it up, no doubt about it, but she's one of those prior service folks that Station Commando had mentioned before, she also has that protective parent thing going on. Thanks for making this post shorter than I'd planned SC. It's always possible that sometime in the future his mom will wise up and realize that her boy isn't going to be graduating valedictorian from Harvard Med. I don't think too many SBs go on to glorious careers as top flight surgeons.

I've got a prior service going OCS who will be wrapped up and ready for the board this week. If he gets selected next week he'll be a good for an OCS enlistment. Which is a very, very good thing.

On the prior service front, one of the PS I'd made last week is ready to go. Some med docs need to be gathered and submitted for a review, but it shouldn't be a huge issue. Although it does mean it won't be good for week one.

However, a bit of decent follow-up has set me up for maybe an awesome week one contract. The 09L I'd enlisted a while ago has a cousin who's ready to go. He's in town from LA to see his mom in PHX and I'll be seeing him tomorrow to get the process started. Good on law and med, and he's ready to go. Just, well, need to make it happen, which between ASVAB, PHYS, ECLT, OPI, and actually enlisting might take some work. Oh well, it's not like I have anything else to do.

Hope everyone had a good Mother's Day. If you're a mom, thanks. If you're not, you'd better have called yours. Astros won, 3-0 on a Petitte shut-out.


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