Sunday, May 21, 2006

Lazing continues

Sundays are always a mixed blessing. Every minute is a blissful, recruiting-free minute. But at the same time each minute is one less I have to enjoy until the pain renews on Monday. It's the afternoon now, the sun is preparing to set. Sunsets in Arizona are a special thing. Something that should be experienced. Phoenix isn't as special, the pollution in the valley clouds the sensation, but when travelling north, as I'm prone to do, it is a visceral sensation.

The day has been a slow one. I like my Sundays slow and relaxed. It doesn't mean I don't want to do anything (although that is sometimes the case) it's that I don't want to be rushed while doing it. After reading the paper, blogs, and the comics on my favorites list a trip to the gym was in order. Following the gym induced fatigue a shower was in order and that always feels good. There are few more simple pleasures than a relaxing shower after a good work out. Endorphins are my friend.

One of those simple pleasures for me lately has been watching Sin City. Despite some calls that it's not a good movie, I like it. I like the disjointed plot and the stylized enviroment. It has a level of violence that, if done in normal filming, would have earned it a NC-17. Now, seeing the ass of a woman who had her hand cut off makes me feel a bit conflicted inside, but it's still a good movie.

And in keeping with my theme from yesterday of music I'm enjoying, Remember Me (warning, big download) by Steve Dobrogosz is a work of art. I like it when smart people point me to good things.


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