Wednesday, May 10, 2006


So far this week it looks like I'm going to keep spinning my wheels. The guy I jacked up on Monday is still not doing anything. In the spirit of the recruiting gods though I keep plugging on, building up the bank of prospects that will be used to bludgeon me. It's like making the condemned dig their own grave. So far this week I've made a grad, a senior, two prior service, and a CHIS. The grad and senior have been conducted. The former won't be doing anything. He's in the middle of a custody fight which is going to keep him from doing anything. He won't join the Army while fighting for custody, and if he wins he won't be able to join because he'll be a single parent. The senior will be joining. However, he'll be joining the Regular Army. He just wasn't interested in what the Reserve had to offer. Although his mom had hoped he'd go to college after he graduates, he has no interest in that. He wants to be in the military, and he wants to do the high speed stuff: SF, Ranger, Airborne, etc. Good on him, and as long as he's in boots I'm not too picky about who puts him in.

Today should be a busy day for me with three appointments scheduled. Both of the PS sounded pretty decent. One has been out for a while and came into the office on a whim, wanted to see what was available, and if he could get into a mechanic position. The other has been in the Guard for 8 years and is still a CPL. He's tired of the lack of promotion and seeing guys he knew from when he first enlisted getting a rocker because they transferred to the Reserve four years ago. Of course I can't guarantee promotion, and his quality as a Soldier is something I just don't know, only spoke w/ him on the phone, so how likely it is for him to earn a promotion isn't know, but I do know that if he wants it, and he's qualified, it will happen. The CHIS is about to become a senior. School ends in three weeks so he probably won't be doing the alternate training program if he wants to join; too close to the end of the year. Which sucks because if he wants to enlist I'll have to wait until June to do it because he can't be in the FS program for more than a year. Oh well, I'll still need a contract next month.

I kinda figured I'd start putting more info about my recruiting activities out there. Maybe something like an online AAR. I won't be able to give detailed info about the prospects of course, but relaying some of my observations for comment might bring about some suggestions that I can use. Something I can try with the prospect, or future prospects, or maybe something I might be missing. I do talk about appointments in the station, and that's usually a good thing. Getting more help and feedback might be a gooder thing.


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