Thursday, August 10, 2006

Cleansing of Sins

The end of the month is approaching. It hasn't been a good month for SFC B. Losing 10 days, 8 prospecting, and 7 processing, to TDY and leave has left me short. There were two ready-to-go people who just needed some phone calls made on their behalfs to be enlisted during my time away. It never happened. Or, well, that's not fair. Phone calls were made, but they weren't made to the right people and thus didn't get done. As it seems to always happen for someone I'm working 09L, a weeks worth of processing now needs to be done in... oh... two days. The most frustrating thing was that, once the calls were made, the necessary testing was arranged in about 90 minutes.

I'm not without blame in this situation. Sure, I was two states away and then on leave, but I could have made phone calls and try to contact the people who needed to be contacted to get this scheduling done. I didn't. However,I, as the recruiter, am the least signifigant part of this system. Hell, I've been told before that I shouldn't get involved in these things because it creates a case of "too many chefs".


My latest applicant is being transported to the testing center over a new and undisclosed route. I could tell you the route we're going to take, but if I did I'd have to kill you. And unless you have the Killinator extension for FireFox I won't be able to do that from my PC. Have a good one.


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