Monday, August 14, 2006

It's been a while

Rolled a nut this month. Lost two kids to weight because I rushed and didn't do as good a job as I could have. The ARMS test, while useful, is a harsh mistress and shouldn't be something I'm counting on a kid passing. Too much can go wrong. Not every applicant can be the fittest person ever.

Oh well. I had a tester today who managed to go Alpha on me. Imagine my surprise. To top it off as I'm driving him to the testing site he asks "So, if I pass this I can join the Army?" "Of course," I reply. "Good, because I thought about it over the weekend and I'm ready." Sweet. At this point I'm hoping for a 31. A 60 later and I'm thrilled. Packet is being built tomorrow night and he'll be in by Friday. That wasn't the best bit of news though.

In true counting chickens mode I should have another applicant going downtown this week as well. R2 actually came through for me allowing me to show an applicant an option that was going to be better for her than taking a position as a TA at the local school district. That job would still be there for her when she's done with training, but the opportunity the Army was going to provide might not have been. She's scheduled for this week as well.

Further down there line there is a prior service waiting in the wings, and my applicant from Saturday will have his RBJ expire this month as well. This gives me four pen projections for a month with a mission of three. They won't all come through, minds will change, things will come up, they always do. It's just a matter of luck really.

Anyway, got to get up early to hit the Krispy Kreme in the morning. Nothing tastes better than a Zero Roller donut. The bitter taste of failure mixes well with the glaze on the donut.


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