Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Uncle Jimbo: Astro Hater

Blackfive has been a blog I've been reading since I started reading blogs. One of the contibutors that I like reading the most of Uncle Jimbo. Last week Jimbo crossed the line. His hateful speech is hurtful and going to scar children who read it. He needs to be soundly condemned and scourned for his views on baseball and the Astros specifically. His... insult of the Astros is too hateful for me to repeat.

Until Blackfive takes Jimbo out back and shoots him execution style to end the taint of his Astrophobia on Balckfive's website, I'm going to have to add a new link header. "Endorses Hatred of Astros" has it's first dishoborable entry. Blackfive.

If there are any other bloggers out there who are baseball fans, or Astros fans, please join me in my Don Quiotixeesque crusade to shame Uncle Jimbo into issuing a mealy-mouthed Mel Gibson like apology.

Well, there is a decent chance that Jimbo was typing drunk when he said it.


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