Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Yesterday Mrs. SFC B and I went to Barnes and Noble to do a little browsing. I'd intended to purchase World War Z and Football Prospectus 2006. Unfortunalty WWZ doesn't come out for another week or so, and B&N doesn't carry FP2006. Oh well. I soldiered on leaving with a couple of Sin City books, a history of the administration of the Holocaust. I'm not one of those history buffs who's endlessly fascinated by The Holocaust, but the book at under $6, I really liked the movie Conspiracy, and I'm an HR wonk so I figured it would make for some "light" reading. Or as light that a book about the minor cogs in The Holocaust can be.

The final book I purchased was Heroes: US Army Medal of Honor Recipients. Aside from Audie Murphy I'm sure many Americans would be hard-pressed to think of another recipient of the highest honor that can be shown to a military member. Atfer I'm done with this book it'll be added to the table at the station.


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