Monday, November 20, 2006

Tale of Two Conducts

Got some good news this evening. Originally there was going to be training on Wednesday, but supposedly it has been canceled. This is good news because this week is already down to three days because of the holiday. Losing another day to training would have limited my work week to two days. This is not a good thing.

Today two of the appointments I made were conducted. I like it when that happens. Makes me look like I'm doing something. Unfortunatly neither of them will be joining this week or month for two different reasons.

The first appointment was a referral from my 09L Future Soldier. The appointment is a relative of my FS who came over to the US w/ my FS's family. He's pretty damned ready to go which is a good thing. However since he's a 09L the process can't start until next week, and then I'll have to deal with the inevitable goat-roping that comes from trying to get the OPIs scheduled. You'd think after five of these I'd stop getting upset about it, but I don't. Maybe the next will be the charm.

The second appointment was far less productive. It was one of those appointments that when I made it I knew it wasn't going to work out well. The prospect goes to a school that is... um... less quality. And he admitted to not doing well there. Honestly, I probably wouldn't have even gone to the appointment normally, but it's coming up on the holiday season, and I figured "what the heck". Well, score one for the gut instinct.

Between no commitment to his own education, and no demonstrated grasp of the concepts someone should have learned in three years of high school, this prospect did not do well on the EST. Not well at all. I could count to his score on two hands. Without using binary. This is the sort of thing which I would usually let bother me until tomorrow, but Mrs. SFC B made a delicious chili and it took my mind off the stupid.

Oh, and someone's house I drove by today already has their Christmas lights up. I hope they realize their neighbors hate them.


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