Friday, June 15, 2007


Just doing some more updating and cleaning.

Holly, formerly of Politics of a Patriot, informed me that some other chick has cyber-squatted her (I asked to see pictures and was very disappointed when I learned what it meant) so I took her link down. Also updated Jason's link.

For those who don't know, which would be the six readers who I'm not related to by blood or marriage, Mrs. SFC B and I are in the process of getting our very first house. I've been apartment hopping since I went AGR and, quite frankly, just sick and tired of throwing rent out the window. When we get the house all y'all are invited over. Even you Greg.

Anyways, I'd like to say I've been busy with the house preparations, but that would be a bald-faced lie. Mrs. SFC B handles all that stuff. I'm too busy with Everquest 2 work.

Sadly, the Astros seem to have had the wheels come off their season. Honestly, it's been a long time coming. They've been treading water for the past few seasons and my hopes as a fan were kept afloat by a weak division rather than the quality of the team. Hopefully a season like this one will be the trigger that allows them to start rebuilding for the post-Biggio/Bagwell era. Oswalt and Berkman are the kind of players you can build around, and Pence seems like the real deal (his horrific K/BB has to adjust though since his OBP is entirely average driven). About the best thing that can happen for the Astros would be for some of the expendable parts to catch fire just in time for trade bait and restocking the farm. Unfortunatly this will come a couple seasons too late since many teams now realize the value of those pre-arbitration players and the days of some expendable veteran fetching a future Hall of Famer are even rarer than before.


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