Thursday, July 19, 2007

The coveted endorsement

I finally found a campaign that's so pure, so honest, so obviously unqualified that I figured it was worth endorsing it.

Right now, in almost a dozen homes across the world there are people going "Oh finally! Now I know who I need to vote for. Thank you SFC B. Thank you!"

Yes. My minions. My lackeys. My hired goons. The people you need to vote for in the coming presidential election are:

David Borge Burge and Jeff Golodstein from Iowahawk and Protien Wisdom.

After I spent seconds analyzing their positions on the issues that matter to me I determined that they were the duo I want in the Oval Office because they have witty bumper stickers.

I figure we now live in a world where the approval ratings of our legislative and executive branches together they don't top 50%. My best friend and best man is a dyed in the wool Republican with a PhD in Poli Sci, and even he is frustrated by the latest actions of the executive branch (I learned that the only place where the Vice President is mentioned in the Constitution is when describing the executive branch, so it's silly to suggest that the position belongs in the legislative branch). I figure it would be nearly impossible to elect someone to office who would be capable of causing more strain and dissatisfaction to the people of this country, so I might as well support people who might reward me with a cushy job for my early support.

So, Vote Burge in '08. It is time for our own unpredictable psychopath!

I'm curious if my endorsement will make me a right-wing lunatic who, in Kevin's view, needs to be silenced. I sure hope not. I prefer to think of myself as a social moderate/small government conservative, I don't like talk radio enough to be lumped in to the right-wing lunatic cluster.


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