Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Il molto tempo nessun vede

How is everyone?

Good to hear.

Missed y'all too.

I spent the past month dealing with a combination of issues and a lack of things about which to write. I know, I know, how can I have issues and have nothing about which to write? Simple, not everything that happens in life is something which is helped by being broadcast to the eight people who read my blog.


Looks like someone ran the quick out play which the computer is seemingly never able to stop. The Army made its recruiting mission for FY07.

You didn't know that?


How could you have missed it? It was all over the news.

What was that? It wasn't?

Every month the Army fell short, by whatever amount, it was reported above-the-fold or before Bob McFormerathlete with sports. So when the all-volunteer Army makes its mission, for the fifth time in the six years of the War on Terror, silence.

Anyways, it's early and I need to shave after the long weekend. Have a good one.