Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sunday Funday

Hey folks. Again, I apologize for the infrequent postings, but as always, I blog best when there is mucho strife in my world, and, frankly, I'm so close to being gone from here that, there simply isn't much that can be strifey. I almost want to roll a couple nuts in a row so that I can sit in Zero-roller training and have my long-term plan be "not be in recruiting anymore suckas." However, between my desire to not fail and my desire to be left alone, I can't let myself nut out.

In recruiting news, the Glendale Recruiting Station managed to his phaseline (the new word for mission box) for the second month in a row. First time it's done that in my time in recruiting. To make things even better, the company and the battalion hit phase line as well. We're even in a position to hit phaseline for the entire quarter. It's a fight every day though and the station still isn't in a posture which SFC SC3 wants. However, life is always better when the problem is we're not making mission early enough in the month, rather than not making mission at all. When forced to play a hellish game of "Let's Make a Deal" USAREC style, I'd rather box on the last day of the month, than not at all.

In browser news, Opera continues to frustrate me. I continue to use it though because its less of a memory hog than Firefox. I love Firefox, but it's just such a memory hog on my system that I have difficulty playing EQ2 and using Teh Intertubes at the same time. Opera, while it sucks something fierce takes up very little memory and doesn't make my game slow down.

In Thanksgiving news dinner was fantabulous. Mrs. SFC B out did herself with a delicious turkey, green bean cassarole, and, best of all, sticky buns! Oh my god those sticky buns were sinfully good. I contributed by preparing the sweet potato cassarole (her receipe, I just executed it well) and some slightly needing more mashing mashed potatos. I could have swore I got all the big chunks of potato, but apparently I missed a good bit. I didn't pay as much attention to the potatos as I should, and we paid the price. Oh well, everything else was near perfection.

In SFC B news I managed to hurt my back a little over a month ago while playing football for a FS function. SSG Patton threw a pass behind me, I turned to catch it and... tripped over my own two feet. Wound up straining a muscle, suffering a buldging disc, and aggravating my sciatic nerve. A triple threat I am! After a month of favoring the injury, and a good bit of drugs, it finally feels almost normal. It still bothers me when I have to drive for a long time (and as fate likes to make me its bitch, I'm working a prior service who lives in Yuma), but I'll live. Which is good.

Anyways, hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day. This is a fun time of year for me personally. I do like the holiday time and try to make it a point to be slightly cheery as I go about my business.


I did some work on the ol' blog roll. Added a couple of cop blogs. In "small world" fashion, Officer Gary hails from my current neck of the woods, and Jason hails from near my home town of Sugar Land, TX.


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