Sunday, December 23, 2007

Sunday Sunday

I don't know why, but I'm usually an early riser on Sunday. It's weird. I'll lay in bed long after the alarm went off on every other day, but Sunday, I'm up and at them. let me down this holiday. The stuff which was shipped directly by Amazon arrived on time, which was good. However, the stuff ordered through Amazon's partners didn't arrive on time. As a matter of fact, it never shipped. A "glitch" occurred which canceled the order. I wouldn't have been halfway upset if the cancellation happened quickly. However, the order was canceled at the last minute,which required me to go shopping at the last minute, which I hate.

Oh well, I managed to get everything for most everyone (I had no idea what to get my mother-in-law), which is good. Santa will be much appreciated in the SFC B household on Tuesday.

I am so close to being done with recruiting. So very, very close. I can practically taste it. I'm so very thrilled with almost being done. For those few who still read this and are currently detailed recruiters, it does end. It really does.

Anyways, have a good one.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Nightmare in November

Although I've already given the Offarcical Detailed Recruiter Presidential Endorsement to David Burge of the "Unpredictable Psychopath" Party, it's time to realize that, since Burge is currently polling at 0%, due in no small part to not being on any ballots, I might need to anticipate casting my eventual vote in another direction.

I have no clue who I'd actually vote for, but I do know for whom there is not a chance in Hell I'd ever vote. And I'm worried there is a chance this runoff could actually come to pass.

There is a very likely chance that Senator Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic Party's nominee. If she were to win the election it would mean that the same two families have held the presidency of The United States of America for nearly a quarter century. That's simply unacceptable in my mind. And with there being a whole second tier of Bushes there would be a non-zero chance that this two family presidency could continue. That is simply terrifying.

Although my best man would beat me for saying this, I could actually see myself voting for Hillary. I have no opinion on her family situation regarding the former president's marital infidelities and the Vince Foster conspiracies theories and their ilk were "The Right's" version of how some numb nuts think that Bush was behind 9-11. I could live with her likely attempts to nationalize health care at the expense of my tax dollars and American innovation because, unlike the rest of the Democratic field, she has remained as committed to the War on Terror as her political realities will allow. However I just can't accept the thought of the same two families having the highest office in a country founded on the concept of avoiding such... royalty.

"Why not just vote for the Republican?" you may ask. Because, within the Republican field, there is a man for whom I hold nothing but personal contempt. That this man is from my home state is... depressing. I can't stand the thought of President Paul. I am so repulsed by Paul that I'd consider voting for Hillary Clinton over him. That is the depth of my disgust with Ron Paul. The whole thing involving his supporters spamming people endlessly. His supporters swarming web pages that mention him. The fact that Ron Paul has, willingly, gone of a fascist wanna-be's radio program, repeatedly and has failed to distance himself from some of the most repulsive people in America is simply unacceptable for me in my president. That he would also seek to destroy the ability of Americans to raise money by returning to the gold standard is simply icing on the cake.

Woe unto me should the choice come down to Clinton/Paul. Anyways, enough political wiriting. I suck at it.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Dang it

Well, the recruiting gods reminded me of their evilness. My contract from last month was a DAT loss.


Well, it was only marijuana so he'll be eligible to enlist again late in January. I'll still be able to write him before I leave recruiting. However I doubt I'll actually write him since, at that time, I'll be on my transition leave for my new assignment.

Oh well.

I'm currently on leave for the holidays. Mrs. SFC B's family is in town. I do like them. It's not like they're stereotypical in-laws. But Mrs. SFC B, bless her soul, gets wicked anxious around her folks. And, of course, it gets passed on to me. Oh well, I'll survive.

I did most of my shopping online this year. About half of what I ordered arrived shipped and arrived quickly. Unfortunatly, the half that is for my in-laws, I haven't received any shipping notification on. This is starting to cause me some degree of concern, you know, with it being the 19th of December and Christmas is like 5 days way. If I have to go Christmas shopping because of a poor delivery schedule I'll be very, very cross.

Anyways, time to call it a night. Have a good one.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Belated Caturday

Should have put this up here on Saturday, but I forgot.
funny pictures
moar funny pictures

Another One Down

Enlisted a grad bravo yesterday.  That was good.  Now the station is one RA contract away from boxing for the quarter.  If we'd had success like this earlier in my time out here I might actually have my ring (bring flagged a couple times for PT doesn't help though).  Oh well.  The Gold Badge is the only authorized recruiter incentive which gets put into my permenant file, so as long as I've got that I'm happy.

Now I just have to sweat the next couple days out in the hopes that the Recruiting Gods don't punish me for my insolence by having my guy pos match or DAT hot.  He was good when I DAT'd him the night before, and I've run all appropriate police checks and court checks, so I should be good.  But the Recruiting Gods are evil.

Mrs. SFC B and I spent about $5,000 on new furniture for the house.

Ouch.  It hurts to type that.

But it's really nice stuff.  We'll finally have a matching bedroom set.  We've been married for almost three years, and we've been living together for over 4, yet we've never had a matching bedroom set.  I feel so grown up.

Anyways, have a good weekend folks.