Friday, May 09, 2008

Hot Topless Girl on Car

Yes. The title is a blatant attempt at generating more traffic.


But, let it not be said I don't deliver.

The SFC B Family recently got a new vehicle, and to commemorate the occasion I figured I'd have a girl take off her top and sit on the car. Because nothing says "class" like scantily clad girls and automobiles.

Since it is a European vehicle I specifically used a European girl for the shoot.

Anyways... this is Zoe. She's from Pomerania.Zoe likes licking things and being held. She is also not shy about public displays of affection. She's my kinda girl! In that picture she's discovering the intense fun of sliding down a freshly waxed hood.Here is Zoe looking off into the distance... or at a bug. She likes bugs too. Anyways... this shoudl replace "Fergie's butt" and "ejaculando" as the most search for terms that get me hits.

Yay for traffic!


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