Monday, May 26, 2008

In my spirit of finding new things to read, hopefully things that don't make me think back on every single person I've ever met and regret a whole lot of things, I updated some of my various reading lists with the things I find myself reading when I get the chance. If you're in the mood and don't do so already (I'm such a trailblazer linking to Oliver Willis! [I swear Mr. Willis, I didn't put you last because I'm a racist republican and you're back, it was just the last one I got to because it's on the bottoms of Instapundit's blogroll! Blame him!]), check them out. You might find thing I've plagiarized from them!

I really do want to read what continues to go on in military recruiting, USAREC in particular, but I just can't seem to find any new blogs run by military recruiters. This saddens me.

On second thought....

Oh, and I think this is my first three post day ever. It helps when you get started at 5:too damn early00.

And since this is a day of firsts, I figured I'd post my first link to something my sister had drawn.My sister was isan incredible artist. I never told her that when she was activly drawing because 1) I am in the Army and was stationed far away during the peak of her artistic endevour 2) I'm a jealous prick who is envious of the fact she has an artistic talent which was worthy of mucho praise. My talents are limited to tying cherry stems into knots and pecking keys on a keyboard slightly more accuratly than a chimpanzee. However her high falootin' life as a high speed ad exec in New York City whittles away at the time she had in college to pursue that talent. I do hope she find the time and the muse some day. I need some free artwork for my blog damnit. Of course, as our aunt and uncle show, it's never too late to start that art career.

Anyways, it's late, I'm tired. See y'all later


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