Tuesday, May 27, 2008

It's working!

I went ahead and checked my Statcounter data (I usually have to make sure that my IP isn't being counted. If it was I'd have well over 500,000 hits) and my bid for more traffic has worked. I had no idea how many people thought Blogger was a good way to see boobs. I had no idea I could be found by searching for "tpless cars and girls". Aren't most cars usually tpless? I know we only have tp in the car when we're coming back from a supply run to the commissary. Seriously though, as disappointed I am that a horny mispelling (when you're searching use two hands to type) resulted in more traffic. Not half as disappointed as the dude must have been when he found that my car has a top.

And the girl was a real dog too.


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