Monday, May 17, 2010

Are you serious?

If there is one battalion in USAREC you'd think would know better than to even think of using false documents it would be Denver. After managing to make USAREC stand down recruiting operations because of Denver battalion recruiters getting caught by a damned high school journalist (not CBS4 as they claim), you'd think that their leaders would have learned their lesson and not... do... THAT. If you're going to do something stupid after getting caught doing something stupid, do a different something stupid (advice of my own I should have taken). Doing the same stupid thing again isn't stupid. It's dumb. Damned dumb.

38 recruiters flagged for suspected improprieties. The impropriety? Fake source documents.

Each time I got burned by something in recruiting, I became vigilant about not being burned by it again. ARISS errors, scheduling w/ MEPS, obtaining source docs, getting PC, apathy, fail to grad, I got burned by each of them once, and then started doing everything in my power to avoid it again. Some things I couldn't do anything about (I'm still planning to burn down the MEPS building with unholy fire and then scatter the ashes), but others I did. Didn't always work out, but at least I wouldn't be blind-sided.

So, yeah, whichever of those recruiters was running fake documents for their applicants, idiot.

And on a related note... I saw this comment in another story about recruiting.

During an interview MG Campbell, the USAREC CG, had this to say about the increase in Future Soldiers with a high school diploma.
"I've made them do that," said Maj. Gen. Donald Campbell Jr., head of the Army Recruiting Command. "I don't get a big head about this, but when I took command I looked at the high school degree rates and said, 'How do we raise that?"'
Not to put too fine a point on it, but correlation does not equal causation. I'm willing to bet that a 9.9% unemployment rate, with 16-20%ish(!) for 18-24 year olds has far more to do with the improved recruiting climate than the CG saying "make it so".

I swear, for the past 5 years I've watching the condition of the economy be the elephant in the room that the recruiting leadership simply fails to ever acknowledge. When unemployment is historically low and we're dying to make mission, it's our fault for sucking. When unemployment is the highest it's been in a generation and the phrase "moral waiver" is stricken from the lingo, it's because recruiters were told to recruit better quality. I swear, it's like watching some Mesoamerican culture toss a virgin into the volcano because they know that they get better crops when virgins are tossed into volcanoes, and bad crops happen because enough virgins weren't toss into volcanoes.