Monday, May 26, 2008

On this date

I clicked over the Astrosdaily to read the recap of the painful loss they suffered last night. The first entry on their "On This Day" today summation referred to a day back in 1990 when the Astros took a doubleheader from the Cubs in Chicago thanks to Glenn Davis hitting three home runs and driving in nine during the twin bill. I distinctly remember that day because that Saturday was the first time that my mother, my sister, and I visited by dad's grave site together after he was buried. I remember getting out of the car, our blue Mercury Grand Marquis at the time, after hearing Milo Hamilton describe Davis' first home run of the day. I also remember that we had parked way far away from the grave site because we didn't know there was a road which ran a bit closer. It took us several minutes to find where we were supposed to go. We got better at it thanks to a near-by grave stone looking like a park bench. And, if you don't want people sitting on your grave, don't have a bench as a headstone.


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