Monday, March 05, 2007

Well, that's different

I was searching through the coming attraction on IMDB and I went to check out the info on the sequel to the remake of The Hills Have Eyes. As I do I scroll down and look at the "Recommendations". I know that the whole "hey, this website gave a stupid recommendation" thing is overdone, but this one caught my attention because, well, it's a stupid recommendation.
The Grudge 2, She Freak, Chupacabra Terror I can understand. Granted, I'd only see Chupacabra Terror if Mike, Tom, and Crow were at the bottom of the screen, but I'd still see it. Father of the Bride Part II? Don't get me wrong, FotBP2 is great cinema and my friends and I gather every Sunday night for the midnight showing. It's a great time, we dress up as our favorite characters and reenact scenes from the movie. While recommending FotBP2 for folks looking for The Hills Have Eyes II is stupid, recommending A Very Brady Sequel strikes me as just being deliberatly insane. Obviously this list was compiled by the same viewer who gave this review
This movie is one of the funniest films I've ever seen. Way better than the first which is very unlikely. This movie just makes you laugh from the first frame to the very last. Not much more to say, a perfect comedy.
If the only movies you've ever seen have been The Grudge 2, She Freak, and Chupacabra Terror then I suppose it's possible that A Very Brady Sequel would, indeed, be "a perfect comedy".


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