Monday, April 23, 2007

Me too!

So, it seems that Darth Commando has been getting some hate-mail love. Apparently the writer of the mail knows how much I hate feeling left out because he sent me a missive as well. I made a couple of edits for privacy, things I changed are in italics.
Dear SFC B;
I am your worst nightmare...a highly decorated Nam vet who responded to Military Recruiter. He printed my letter with a lame response and two weeks later he was off the net. Since then I have received 13 ,000 hits from his site (more than he could have ever dreamed of) from INTELLIGENT GIs who want to know the truth.
Bring it on, Dude as your wienie Commander-In-Chief would say. Wanna debate me? I will print everything you have to say at, unedited. I don't expect to hear from you because most recruiters I know are liars and cowards. Greg Lastname
Greg too the time to write to me, and it would be rude for me to not respect that and respond. As they told me in Basic "You've got to write mail to get mail."
Howdy Greg, thanks for taking the time to write me. I always enjoy having my ego stroked by my adoring public. I guess, thanks to you, I can say I've got nine readers. Yay me!

Actually my worst nightmare involves high-siding my motorcycle into a den of snakes. As the great philosopher Dr. Henry Jones Jr. said: " I hate snakes, Jock. I hate 'em ." Actually I don't hate them so much as get creeped out by them. But Dr. Jones didn't say "creeped" he said "hate" so I've got to go with it.

Thank you for your service Greg. One of the (few) pleasures of this job is getting to meet and speak with those who came before me. Not a day goes by that someone doesn't approach me on the street to tell me about their service, and to thank me for what I'm doing. I never allow those conversations to end without telling them how much I appreciated their service, and that I couldn't be doing this without them blazing the trail. I carry around pins which say something to the effect of "The Army honors America's Veterans" which I give to any who approach me.

I've been looking to upgrade a few things about my site, so I'm curious what IP tracker you're using which tells you whether your visitors are veterans or not. That's pretty cool. Although you might want to see what you can do to grow your website. Recruiter Confessions has been offline for almost a year and you've only gotten 13,000 hits since then? I've gotten about that much traffic from people Googling Fergie's Butt.

Oh, and I hate to be inciteful, but if the only recruiters you know are liars and cowards, then maybe you should be more careful with the company you keep. While I've known some recruiters who are too willing to stretch the truth, the vast, vast majority are fine NCOs who simply want to succeed in a difficult assignment and get back to the mainstream Army. I hate when I hear someone maligning Vietnam veterans, or watch some 80's movie or TV show which assumes all Vietnam Veterans are alcoholics who are losing their battle with their personal demons. I'd like to think that a fellow servicemember, even one long since out of the service, would be more careful about throwing around insults like "liar" and "coward". However I've been wrong before.

Anyways Greg, if you're interested in debating me about the Astros chances this year, whether the latest generation of Honda Interceptor lives up to the history, or how much the latest software update to the RWS screwed up my ARISS I'd be more than happy to.

I look forward to hearing from you again and I wish you a great Army day.

I do like it when people write to me and give me something to write about. It makes it a lot easier to fill my blog with my innane ramblings. Again, thanks Greg.


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