Thursday, April 26, 2007

"I am become Death...

the destroyer of enlistments."

Well, I'm in charge again for the week. During my periods of being "the boss" the station is a cumulitive -2. I don't know if it's me, or if SFC SC2 simply times his leave so that I'm left standing when bad things happen. Or it could just be sad coincidence. Sad, sad coincidence.

Fortunatly none of the losses have been mine. Thank heavens for small favors.

I shipped one of my 09Ls today. That was good. This guy has been in the DEP for a while and he was eager to get out of here. While I'm glad to have him gone (I don't mean it like that), he was the best Future Soldier I've ever had. He provided several referrals, some processed, and a couple even joined. He's excited to finally get to start his time in the Army. However it's been delayed because the airline overbooked the flight and booted him. Wonderful.

With the losses taken it's been a rough week. My standing order when the phone rang today was "Tell them I'm not here, I'm in the hanging by my boot laces from the plumbing in the bathroom." The bastards never followed that simple order and I had to speak to everyone who called. Suffice to say it was not a happy day all around.

As if to add to the suffering I was called to the carpet on a distinct lack of seniors who have enlisted. Of course this required everyone's favorite solution: mandatory prospecting. With the front door locked, blinds closed, wireless cards removed from the laptops LRLs were broken out and numbers were dialed. The old Murphy's Law of Combat is still in effect: If it's stupid but it works it isn't stupid. Smilin' and dialin' might be boring, repetitive, occasionally depressing, but if you do it long enough production will happen. It's like magic or something.

However, to commemorate how today has made me feel I bring you this:


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