Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I can't believe that three years ago CAT IVs were a somewhat open category. The Guard has now lowered the max age to 35, and will only take Alphas.

In related news, ACORN COI is in the public eye, again. This time because they, allegedly, have a whole lot of employees volunteers strangers who occupy their offices and are in no way, shape, or form actually representive of aCOIrn, giving advice to a a couple representing themselves as a pimp and his prostitute, on how to go about hiding a bunch of underage hookers in a house purchased with aCOIrn's assistance, and then preventing the IRS from getting their cut.

Now, originally, when I saw the clips the first thing I thought of was Denver. Back between 2005 and 2007, private citizens and reporters going into recruiting stations and recording recruiters saying stupid stuff was perfectly fine. It was encouraged even. These were people doing blessed work, showcasing the lengths to which people had been driven to feed fresh blood into the Evil Bushco Oil Exploitation Machine. Four years ago this activity, which revealed an activity which wasn't felony, gets a high school journalism student pictured on CBSnews.com. He was able to parlay his fame into a position as the editor of CSU's newspaper two years later (he's the same person who penned the "Fuck Bush" editorial a couple of years back).

Today such investigative journalism is labeled "entrapment" by reporters on a major network.

Progress huh?

I guess that citizens exposing criminality in an organization nominally devoted to helping the poor and downtrodden isn't part of The Narrative.


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