Friday, January 05, 2007

On the road again

Hitting the road yet again. I'll be making another trip to the northwest corner of the Grand Canyon State. I found a better place to stop for coffee this time around though so hopefully I won't have to brillo-pad the taste out of my mouth this time.

A bit of work has actually paid off for me as it appears I'll be able to put a GA in for next week. This is a good thing on two fronts. One, it will get the station to its year-to-date mission for the Reserve. Two, it will give me two GAs for the month which is worth some decent points, and it will pay me $100. Yay for submarine pay! As much as I can be motivated by greed it still doesn't sit right with me to get paid even more for this stuff.

It's a processing Saturday so I'll be clocking in tomorrow as well. Hope everyone has a good weekend.


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