Friday, August 29, 2008

Well, that wasn't expected

I didn't expect to find out that Senator McCain selected a woman to be his vice-president. I can only imagine some ignorant cockfag finding himself torn between not wanting to vote for the n***** and not wanting to vote for the c***. Oh, what interesting times we live in. And I hate that.

While doing some Googling I discovered a little blurb from way back in 2005 concerning Governor Palin's neighbors back when she was the mayor of that 9,000 person town. Turns out her neighbors were actually an Oxford House. Oxford House is a religious organization which runs halfway houses for recovering alcoholics and drug addicts. As one can imagine, trying to get a house which will house people who are known alcoholics and addicts is not an easy task. That the mayor of a town, even such a small one, would allow them to set-up shop next to her and her family, is kind of impressive to me. For the plethora of faults and foilbes which will be revealed about Miss Congeniality Alaska 1984, there is a very real compassionate streak.


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