Monday, May 04, 2009

Buttony sadness

Okay, in case anyone notices that "Donate" button on the right, that is not something which is going to me. As the handful of people reading this know I play Everquest 2. Sadly, one of the people whom I played with, Talons, passed away this past weekend. His wife and one of his nephews is also a member of the guild I'm in and are long-serving members. Talons' passing was unexpected and it has left many folks saddened and missing someone many of us have never met.

Talons was an animal lover with a soft spot for dogs, and his family had benefited from the good deeds of the Shriners Hospital. I had suggested the possibility of the guild pitching in and making a donation in his memory to one, or both, of those organizations. To facilitate that I volunteered my PayPal account.

It will only be up for a short while.

Back to your infrequent recruiting-related ramblings.