Thursday, June 18, 2009

Expected Outcome

As was expected, two towns in California had their anti-recruiter ordinances struck down. Turns out that the Federal Government takes things like the sole authority to raise an army kinda seriously.
Attorneys for the cities are reviewing the decision and deciding whether to appeal.
Meserve is also working with the city council, which is considering a new measure that could achieve the same goal of restricting military access to minors while skirting the judge's objections.
This is my favorite part of the whole story. Arcata and Eureka, please, appeal this. Nothing would make me happier than to see your two cities spend more time and money making this pointless statement. Last I heard California is in the middle of a pretty serious financial crisis. I suggest that the State Legislator might want to look into the city legal funds for Arcata and Eureka. Obviously there was some sort of error which gave those fund way too much money since they can afford to waste it on such quiotix tasks like "attemtping to subvert the Constitution".


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