Friday, November 25, 2005


Thanksgiving has come and gone. It was a good time. A very good time. A tender and juicy turkey and a ham bathed in honey both gave their lives so the SSG B clan could feast in near Roman excess. There is no way a day that involves green bean casserole and touch football can be a bad day.

Monday should be a good day too. If the recruiting gods are feeling less spiteful, or if there attention is focused elsewhere, I should write my second contract this month. That will be good. It will still leave my station short for the quarter, but it will at least check one of the required boxes for monthly boxing. It beats not meeting that requirement.

Mrs. SSG B has a birthday coming up, so I'm going to commit ritual suicide rather than shop the day after Thanksgiving.

Oh, she told me I'm NOT going to commit suicide. Instead I'm going to go to the jewelry store and buy her something obscenely expensive and very shiny.


Hope everyone has had an excellent holiday season thus far. May it continue in all sorts of extravagant bliss!


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