Saturday, November 19, 2005

Better Days

I've had better days.

Early morning. Life sucked. Had some mandatory briefings today. An EO questionaire which asked me how I felt about things. Things like the Battalion, Company, Station, etc. Whether I'd been sexually harassed recently. Those sorts of things.

I gave the battalion a pretty middle of the road rating. For the most part I don't interact with them very often. Thankfully. Dear God thankfully I don't interact with the battalion very often. However if I'd been allowed to add ratings to the question about the S1 I would have went into negative numbers on the 1-5 scale. I wish to set fire the to one of the S1 people.

The company came in much stronger. I'd heard a lot of horror stories about recruiting company commanders and first sergeants. Yet to see any of the rumors in the CO and 1SG I've been under. They're sane. They treat us like adults and NCOs. Can't ask for much more.

Despite my occasional rantings to the contrary I do like my station. The mission sucks (who in recruiting doesn't think their mission is too high?). The population is a source of never ending pain and suffering. But the people I work with, and the SC I work for make it tolerable.

Went and saw Goblet of Fire last night with Mrs. SSG B. In the books GoF was a turning point. It was nearly twice the size of the previous installations and covered so much more. A movie made from a book usually has to give up a lot fo the depth present in the novel. GoF was no different. It was an awesome movie, and we were both very entertained (and that is what matters), but I can't help but feel like there is a let down coming when Order of the Phoenix comes around to movie time. Although they nailed how I thought Lord Voldemort would look fully grown. Nailed it. Noseless Ralph Finnes is creepy looking.

I need the Bengals to end the Colt's perfect season to have a good fantasy football weekend. Hope everyone has a great Sunday.


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