Tuesday, November 01, 2005


I spent yesterday out of the present of recruiting and, instead, learning about the near future of recruiting.

Currently the role of the recruiter has been to make sure an applicant is qualified and then get the applicant downtown to see the guidance counselor. It's the job of the counselor to actually get the Soldier an MOS, incentives, etc. As of Wednesday that will no longer, exclusivly, be the case. On Wednesday I'll be allowed to use the FSR2S (don't ask me for what the acronym means, I didn't take good notes).

FSR2S allows the recruiter to access the REQUEST system. REQUEST is the application the GC uses to view all jobs for which an applicant is qualified, as well as authorized incentives like College Fund, Bonuses, Loan repayment, and GI Bill Kickers. With this I, as the lil ol recruiter, will be able to sit down with Skippy or Skippette, their parents or any other influencers, and be able to say "Skippy, if you go to MEPS in the next three days (they're actually allowed seven, but I usually want this stuff done faster) you will receive this MOS, a 7k cash bonus, 10k in student loan repayment, and a $200 GI Bill kicker. The Army Reserve will guarantee this job and those incentives to you, right now, if you agree to go downtown and enlist sometime in the next few days. Are you ready to join?" If they say "yes" I'm able to print out a temporary reservation, hand it to them, and they're locked in to that plan. It's their's.

I haven't actually worked on what my closing statement will be, but it will probably be something similar to that.

For those not in recruiting you can't grasp just how awesome the ability for an Army Recruiter to guarantee training, training dates, and incentives is. I can't speak for everyone, but I've lost potential enlistees because I'm just not able to guarantee things when I'm sitting there. Usually it's not the prospect themself that is lost, but the influencer, parents, spouse, etc. Properly used this will be a serious advantage for a recruiter going in to an interview.

I've got another day nd a half of training; we're doing a lot of hands on today. According to the schedule it's going to be a long day so I don't know if I'll have more innane commentary tonight or tomorrow.


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