Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Creativly Stupid

My contract from last month, the 09L is a wonderful thing for the Army. The Middle Eastern Translator Aide Program fills a dire need for the service by providing the Army with native speakers of a language that isn't common within the United States. It also allows people who are eager to serve their country with an opportunity to do so.

For recruiters this is a great program because it allows a recruiter to get a GA credit, while also reducing the mission for their station by 1 GA. It's a twofer!

Or, well, it was.

Turns out that the people who authorize the reduction in the mission also have a very strict intrepretation of the Constitution. Found out today that my station wouldn't be getting a mission reduction because the rule is a mission reduction of 1 GA. My station was missioned for a PS and an OT. Yes, they refused to lower our mission by 1 OT because it wasn't a GA.

As always I learn the wrong lesson from things. Next time a 09L doesn't enlist in a month where we're not missioned for a GA.


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