Friday, September 30, 2005




Must destroy everything that is beautiful.

I've got a paper contract. The same guy who's decision to not transfer last month sealed my doom as the World's Worst Recruiter. I spoke w/ him again because we need two people to box the company. He would be one. He does not want to deploy. I was able to call in a favor or three and get him a position w/i the local Drill Sergeant unit in a training division. Non-deployable. Everything he wanted. Local, non-deployable, a Staff Sergeant position so he can be promoted easily. Plus he'd get a 2k affiliation bonus and he'd make more money on a weekend doing reserve duty than he's making at his job.


I tried everything short of violence and bribery to get him to sign. He doesn't want to do it. I bend over backwards and put myself on the line to get this position for him. He says no.

The next time Human Resources Command scrubs the IRR to find Soldiers to assign to units that are deploying I hope he's on it. I hope he gets cross-leveled into a unit and he calls me, asking if there is any way he can get into that unit. I will laaaaaaauuuuuuuuggggggghhhhhhh.


So now I find myself in a position where I must beg a college student to miss a day of class, or hope that a guy who has been very unreliable so far suddenly gets responsible, or hope that the doctor's at USAREC don't hate me too.


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